Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Shadrach White - "We Are All Salesmen"

Our guest speaker last week was Shadrach White. A truly remarkable individual who I felt was very reminiscent of a Tech Entrepreneur. The first question he asked me and fellow colleagues was, “Who in here works in sales?” The question itself seemed very vague and open to interpretation but just let me clarify that by the end of the presentation, the whole classroom had both hands raised when asked that same question. It’s pretty clear that in life, we are always selling ourselves, our ideas, and our services to others. Especially in entrepreneurship, it is an essential skill to possess in order to thrive in the business realm.
The story of Shadrach was a tale of rags to riches in terms of starting off as a simple copier. Also, he ventured off and started sports gear and facilitated community involvement with Rucker Park basketball gear. Although this business ended up failing, he learned many lessons that he passed onto the audience in terms of resiliency and determination when one truly believes in his ideas. After the failure of Rucker park basketball gear, he transitioned back to technology and utilized Software-As-A-Service to help facilitate government organizations. I felt that this was the turning point as he ended up managing a couple multi-million-dollar businesses in which by standards, was successful.
The story of an entrepreneur is typically hard to make, and one usually goes against insurmountable odds. However, I believe that in the realm of entrepreneurship in technology, just because one business fails, this does not necessarily mean that the whole idea of being an entrepreneur is diminished. For questions and answers, I asked Shad “How is it that he is able to manage a work/live balance while raising a family?” It surely isn’t easy, but he stated that working for himself is the most satisfying feeling as well as there is no ceiling in terms of promotion or advancement in the field. This is the reason why I am taking this class in entrepreneurship. Ultimately, to be your own boss and define your set of rules is my goal. In the endgame, I WILL build something great and lasting to help benefit my community and hopefully leave the world a little better than it was before I entered.


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