Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Shadrach White - "We Are All Salesmen"

Our guest speaker last week was Shadrach White. A truly remarkable individual who I felt was very reminiscent of a Tech Entrepreneur. The first question he asked me and fellow colleagues was, “Who in here works in sales?” The question itself seemed very vague and open to interpretation but just let me clarify that by the end of the presentation, the whole classroom had both hands raised when asked that same question. It’s pretty clear that in life, we are always selling ourselves, our ideas, and our services to others. Especially in entrepreneurship, it is an essential skill to possess in order to thrive in the business realm.
The story of Shadrach was a tale of rags to riches in terms of starting off as a simple copier. Also, he ventured off and started sports gear and facilitated community involvement with Rucker Park basketball gear. Although this business ended up failing, he learned many lessons that he passed onto the audience in terms of resiliency and determination when one truly believes in his ideas. After the failure of Rucker park basketball gear, he transitioned back to technology and utilized Software-As-A-Service to help facilitate government organizations. I felt that this was the turning point as he ended up managing a couple multi-million-dollar businesses in which by standards, was successful.
The story of an entrepreneur is typically hard to make, and one usually goes against insurmountable odds. However, I believe that in the realm of entrepreneurship in technology, just because one business fails, this does not necessarily mean that the whole idea of being an entrepreneur is diminished. For questions and answers, I asked Shad “How is it that he is able to manage a work/live balance while raising a family?” It surely isn’t easy, but he stated that working for himself is the most satisfying feeling as well as there is no ceiling in terms of promotion or advancement in the field. This is the reason why I am taking this class in entrepreneurship. Ultimately, to be your own boss and define your set of rules is my goal. In the endgame, I WILL build something great and lasting to help benefit my community and hopefully leave the world a little better than it was before I entered.


Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Matthew Tolentino – Revolutionizing How People Visualize Safety for the Fire Department

        Our guest speaker for this week was Matthew Tolentino, a man who is certainly passionate about computers and technology. Delving into his experience, you see that he considers computer hardware to be his specialized field. Furthermore, his interest in the Internet of Things (IOT) has him working with the Fire Department that uses this technology to preserve the safety of our firemen. He’s also a professor at the University of Washington Tacoma and to see someone make it out there in the business world of developing a technology company based on IOT is pretty substantial and inspiring.
        Last year in my TCSS 360 Software Development class, a group working under Matthew Tolentino presented a project in which the utilized a small piece of beacon that was wearable in the firemen’s gear. The sensor would give off its location and using a 3D gaming platform UNITY, you were able to see in real time the positioning and status (heat sensor) of these firemen. To see the software interact with the firemen in the augmented reality was pretty awesome. So, you can tell that it was an absolute treat to have him speak for our entrepreneur class.
         The fact that he continually looks to improve his products shows his passion for technology and its public action for good. His startup company, NAMATAD (spelling?) is an inspiration as he looks to leverage the trends of technology to really revolutionize how we look at people looking after our safety. It was assuring to hear that his patents are pending for specific tech he was speaking about in class. Hopefully in the coming months, his company comes to fruition as this is something quite extraordinary and has the potential to take off.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Erik Hanberg - Inspiration For Myself in Starting a Non Profit in the Near Future

         What a pleasure to have Entrepreneur Erik Hanberg of Tacoma come in and speak to our class about Entrepreneurship. What really stuck out to me in this open discussion and presentation was the fact that both Andrew Fry and Erik knew how to make money in ways that schools do not teach. Entrepreneurs need to be able to adapt and swim against the tides, especially when the economy is not ideal.

         As a Computer Science major, I have always thought that working at a big tech company such as Google or Amazon will be the endgame. However, the fact that I am taking this entrepreneur class shows my initiatives to undertake risks and work for myself. In better words, entrepreneur Grant Cardone says “As long as you are alive, you will either live to accomplish your own goals and dreams or be used as a resource to accomplish someone else’s”. This cannot ring any truer in the sense that our single life is deterministic on our own beliefs and decisions. As long as we do not shoot high for our GOALS and DREAMS, we’ll most likely hit that target. This is an absolute travesty and disappointing for anyone willing to live this life.

         Erik Hanberg presented his books such as “The Little Book of Gold” and “The Little Book of Boards” which opened up my ideas into creating a Non-profit later on in my life. As a father of two boys, my youngest son Tristan is a child with autism. However, finding resources and/or guidance for raising these young men are met with dead ends and little help. Furthermore, starting a non-profit for children with autism may help other parents and relatives understand this misconceived disorder. As more and more children with autism are brought into the light, I want parents to be proud of their little young leaders and have the ability to communicate with their children much more easily. I think buying his book on non-profit will be a great foundation to understand what is needed to start this journey.