Thursday, January 24, 2019

How Easy/Hard Was it To Talk About Your Business Idea and Why?

As we are formulating and merging thought-provoking ideas about the next big thing, we sometimes get blinded on how others can find the flaws in those designs. Getting into groups of three other colleagues to discuss our service/product hinted at interesting ideas that as individual might not come up with.

Talking and explaining my service/idea for a business wasn’t too hard until questions about competition and how I can network this plan was brought up. My idea was something fairly new but combined different functionalities from distinct markets all into a single app.

Take Instagram meets Meetup dancing with Offer-up while mingling with PayPal. My application aimed to hook up customers with freelance photographers in high profile places. Some locations might be tourist attractions, zoos, family outings, fairs, and music festivals. With how prevalent an online presence has become for the average Jane & Joe, people want to have flattering images of themselves that can be used to broadcast to the outside world.

Explaining my idea in writing seems much more elegant and can sometimes lend an imaginative view of the idea but speaking about it was particularly different. I was faced with thoughts in my head if this idea was already in the market. And if it isn’t, how can I leverage that first-mover’s advantage to win the market instantaneously. Another thought phased me into thinking how hard it would be to develop the app itself and gain a following.

The questions posed by my fellow colleagues were fair and an eye-opener as we are seeing first hand how possible clients and customers in the future might see our service/product. Ultimately, the easiest part about talking about the business is the overly, optimistically and hopeful view of our idea. But probably the most important and hardest part about talking about my business was the intricate details faced when actually building the company from the ground up.

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