Wednesday, January 30, 2019

First TEN pages of The Technology Entrepreneur's Guidebook

First 10 pages of Tech Entrepreneur Guidebook

The road to becoming an entrepreneur is indeed a hard, lonely, and stressful one but that does not outweigh the pros involved. In the first ten pages of “The Technology Entrepreneur’s Guidebook”, we get an introduction into the scary realm of being your own boss. We get statistics of the rare technology companies that make it big and actually succeed and the fortitude and courage required to pursue that dream. However, we also get three important reasons on WHY being an entrepreneur is fulfilling and worth the risk.
The authors of the “Entrepreneurship” passage, Reggie Aggarwal and Mark Esposito explains the novelty of creating something useful for the world that other people can use to solve their problems. Imagine this, your product or service is valuable in terms of usefulness that it is used by millions around the world. This would be a great feeling to have, knowing that you as an individually helped many others and made it a better place with your invention/product.
            Secondly, the authors of this section explained our sustainability is an important trait. Basically, an entrepreneur is looking to build a company that has the potential to last many years to come and withstand even the harshest of economies. The best time to start a company is when others are not taking risk and the market is void of this product/service. As an entrepreneur, this is a god-send which should attract us entrepreneurs to go all in on our idea, especially when the competition is scarce, and the market is literally up for grabs.
            Thirdly, becoming your own boss is one of the main reasons why I want to pursue this path. Yes, it will be lonely, and many hardships will follow but the end goal is to not work for someone else’s dreams. My mantra I follow is simply this, you work long enough for someone else’s dream or you take a risk and go all in on your idea to attain freedom. Ask yourself this, why not choose the latter?


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