Thursday, January 17, 2019



One thing I admire the most about taking this Entrepreneurship class is our opportunity to share with each other these ideas. Although we are entering a world full of wolves and the unknown, the chance to discover more about ourselves and purpose is rather invaluable.


My first business idea is something rather simple yet a major building block for other businesses in the future. I am currently working for a local business by creating their website and also building their E-commerce layer for their company. This idea isn’t scalable as of yet since I’ll be doing all the work myself.

I want to contact local businesses that do not currently have websites and online presence and help them grow their businesses digitally. This will benefit me in building different types of websites and also learn about different types of industries.


My hobby of photography will hopefully allow me to piece together websites that are stunning to look at as well as artistic. My cousin (an art graduate) and I wanted to photograph individuals/groups in which we follow for a certain amount of time.

Photographs on social media such as Instagram and Facebook are prevalent and can sometimes lead to people becoming famous and providing a lifestyle that others are envious to live.

This idea also leads me on a tangential path in which I create an app that connects photographers in busy/ famous areas with tourists and families that want their pictures professionally taken. People traveling can be worry-free about bringing their photography equipment with them and can be rest-assured that their getting quality photos by aspiring artists that have a back-up portfolio as well as 5-Star Rating system.


The last idea is by far the most grandiose. Ticketmaster and other major players have monopolized how ticketing works. The convenience and facility fees that are tacked onto the purchase of concert/sporting event tickets are insane and simply robbery to the hard-working people. Also, the fact that duplicates and counterfeit tickets being distributed is very immoral and heinous.

To mitigate this problem, I plan to create an app that leverages blockchain to authenticate tickets and also allow users to become their own sellers/ buyers of tickets without a third-party interaction. P2P ticket sale and authentication system.

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